Our Brands

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GreenTec is a Danish company specialized in machines for maintenance of green areas. Since 1979, GreenTec has developed a comprehensive program of machines that are mainly used for grass mowing, tree trimming and hedge cutting.

Murray Machinery are UK agricultural machinery manufacturers who specialise in material handling attachments to fit telescopic handlers, forklifts and loaders.


Unrivaled quality slurry tankers, dribble bars, umbilical slurry systems, silage and farm trailers.

Multipurpose fertiliser, lime, manure and bulk product trailed spreaders

Range Of Soil Aerators & Grassland Rejuvenation Equipment

M-Tec Engineering

M-Tec Engineering offers new, innovative designs which are unrivalled in terms of performance, reliability and features.

Whether feeding cows, spreading the barn, taking silage, dosing it into the biogas plant or managing the feeding: BvL has the optimum technology for every operation - from the Emsland to the whole world.

KRONE was founded in Spelle, Germany, in 1906 with the intention of making farming more efficient and profitable.

The Bailey family are engineers, driven by their founding principles of innovation and quality. However, farming is in their DNA too – their family farmed in Lincolnshire. Perhaps this is why they have always believed that in order for farmers to rely on equipment it must be made using the most advanced technology, components and processes, complimented by meticulous design and rigorous testing.

VDW Constructie has designed and manufactured agricultural machines for more than 40 years. They mainly produce fodder - and mixing machines, straw spreaders, silage spreaders, manure mixers, etc. They also manufacture a few tillage machines which are primarily sold in Europe. VDW Constructie is a brand that stands for affordable quality, tailored to the customer.

ArmaTrac is the export brand of Erkunt Tractor Ind. Inc., a Turkish automotive company which has been manufacturing high-quality tractors since 2003. Well known for their excellent fuel efficiency, high performance, and durability, you can find ArmaTrac tractors in 25 countries worldwide - a number that is rapidly growing on farmers’ high demand.

AMAZONE is the specialist for fertiliser spreaders, seed drills, powered (rotary cultivators and rotary harrows) and non-powered soil cultivation (compact disc harrows, much cultivators & tine and disc cultivators), precision air seeders and crop protection sprayers.

Quicke is a world leading supplier of front loaders for tractors and implements for front loaders, wheel loaders, telehandlers, yard loaders.

“Innovations for the Future” is the motto at APV and the team lives and works according to the slogan “Inspired by farmers & Realised by Professionals”. On the one hand, the knowledge is based on many years of practical experience in agriculture. Product management and sales employees at APV are constantly observing the trends and challenges that are posed by the modern agricultural technology market for their customers. APV is continuously developing high-quality implements that are characterized by time-saving operation, efficient economics and maximum effectiveness.